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If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times – my proudest achievement is the fact that I am down to one hair wash a week. Thank you, thank you. Now please take a seat.

A lot of contributing factors have played into this. There has been work, luck, and products galore, but gradually I went from an every day wash, to every other, to pushing it to three days in between, to four then five then six. Now, I wash it on either the front end or the back end of the weekend and that is it. That.is.it.

Now, I have extremely thick hair that isn’t at all oily, and it has such body that it will almost always do exactly what I tell it to. I also feel compelled to share a little secret – I don’t really sweat. I don’t mean that as some dainty, begging-for-compliment detail, but I truly don’t really sweat (in fact, I don’t wear deodorant (as my friends know) and I never really have). So while I workout, I don’t workout to the point of drenching my hair, so I don’t actually have to wash it post-workouts. I am the first to admit that that is lucky.

BUT, I do believe it is possible for anyone to get their hair to this point. And I haven’t read the literature, but I heard less shampooing is actually really great for hair. Which is not at all why I do it, because there is also an entire arsenal of products that I use to maintain decent week old hair, and I can’t imagine I am doing my locks any favors when I layer all that on, but it saves me time and energy and that’s the biggest benefit of all.

So let me lay it all out…

Going in order of the process, I have to start with a new one for me, the Bumble and Bumble Scalp Detox. I was sent this by my dear friends at Mitchell’s Salon and Day Spa, but smart by them because now I’m a fan for life. This is a tingling foam that you rub onto your scalp minutes before the shower. It feels so cold when sprayed on, which is precisely the best part. Then it works into the scalp and helps with dry skin and clogged pores and who knows what else is going on underneath the luscious locks hood, but I love it. And again, since I am already pushing it, I think this is a good thing to add to my routine.

Then into the shower I go, where my hair washing routine is three rounds. First, it is either the Blonde Ale or the L’Oreal Elvive Total Repair shampoo, then for sure an application of the Elvive Damage Repair Balm, and then finally the Blonde Ale conditioner. Then it is twenty more minutes of work because taking a shower is not relaxing, and I’m on to phase two.

Bb Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer. This is a post-wash, pre-many heat treatments move that I think is the reason I actually still have hair. If not, it probably would have broken off into a handful of tuffs at this point, given all that I’ve put it through. So now I am all for the UV heat treatments and this Bb spray is my fav.

I then blow dry, then straighten, then curl (which is crazy talk) but that unfortunately is what I feel like I have to do. If someone in the crowd has advice or strides as to how to heat style less, then let me know. Because right now, if I don’t put myself through this kind of heat ringer, I am full on Charlize Theron in Monster.

Then once it is dry and ready to be styled for days, there is Drybar Detox dry shampoo (which comes into use around day four) and the Oribe Free Styler hair spray. The hair spray is a high-end splurge, but I love it so much that I ask for it as a Christmas present. Then the dry shampoo is just something that everyone should have on hand, but the pro-tip is to apply at the roots at night. I’ve found towards the tail end of the week, a night-setting dry shampoo wash is what keeps the hair alive.

Now this is stuff I’d run back into a burning building to grab. Big ups to my girl Sally who brought this into my life, but there ain’t no going back after the Davines Invisible Serum. This is better than hairspray and makes tousled ends both smooth and secured in place. I usually look like Dolly Parton after I curl, but once I run this serum through my hair and strategically work it on my ends, I’m Blake Lively. This is what it is all about.

However, the final rising star in the kit and caboodle is the L’Oreal Magic Root Coverup. While all my other products are used in preparation for the long not-gonna-wash haul, this stuff is what I can bank and rely on for when I need to look fresh, regardless of how long it has been. While it is marketed for gray coverup, I use it when my roots need to be blended. The longer the not-washing stints, the more pronounced my roots can be, and so this light spray helps me do a little light concealing. And the other thing I like about this spray is the fact that I can pick it up at my local Kroger, whereas almost every other product I have to order online. Its convenience and quality is why I’ll continue to keep it in my arsenal.

While this may seem like a lot of work to avoid the work of a hair wash, I’d rather go this route all day long, than do the triple wash and triple heat style version nightly. If I did have to go back to nightly washes, I’d probably have to give up the blog…there’d be no more hours left in my life!

So again, the posts this week went a little outside the content norm, but I know people are always looking for recs, and I know I am always happy to share some! If you too have any tricks or products you use to prep, barely wash, and style a rockin’ coiffure, then let.me.know.

This post has been sponsored by L’Oreal, but know that it is sincerely a product that I am using and loving alongside the rest…

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