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I’ve shared before, but my coworker and real life friend Mindy also runs a local experience blog called Go There! Try That! and we decided to join forces.

We wanted to introduce each other (and our respective blogs) to something we may personally be familiar with that the other person may not, and we also wanted to go out and have unique new experiences together. So with that, we are here with our first experience, which was a first for the both of us.

Tao Float Lofts offers floating, a method of deep relaxation and meditation. The experience involves entering one’s own private room, equipped with a shower and a float pod. The float pod has only eleven inches of water, but it is concentrated with 1,100 pounds of Epson salt, which allows the floater to rest at the top, for sixty minutes of stimulation-less peace.

We consciously booked our appointments on a Friday, one hour after school let out, peak time for a peak relaxation session. Neither one of us knew what to expect but we made a deal to go all in on experiencing it as suggested.

We started our experience with some tea and water in the simple but modernly decorated sitting area. It was nice to kick back, take a quick load off with refreshments, before heading back for the float.

Again, Mindy and I went into this with the mindset that we were going to do the float as we should, which meant it was supposed to look like this: after a quick shower, we were to enter into the pod, pull the cover down, let the music fad away after ten minutes, and then float in the silence of the pod for the remaining time, with either the lights on, set to chakra, or off.

With my lights running on chakra rotation, I followed suit. I got in and floated calmly and peacefully, for the duration of my time. Now I have to admit, I wasn’t zen from beginning to end. I did spent the first ten minutes giggling to myself, because the sensation was weird and bizarre and it took me a minute to get comfortable. But once I did, I found myself completely still atop the water, in deep and utter silence, and that was a feeling that makes the entire thing worth it. I spent time on my back, on my stomach, a small stint on my side, and throughout each move, I was adrift atop the silky salty water. That was pretty sweet.

I did make one rookie move though – I ate not fifteen minutes before floating. This made me feel a little nauseous throughout, and when I talked to one of the gals afterwards, addressing that I simply felt nauseas (not sure if it was normal just given the salt concentration) her first question was about whether I had just eaten beforehand. Turns out a sandwich in the car ride over is not the thing to do. So keep that in mind if and when you are signing up. But even with that, know this – I immediately went home and told Kenny I just did his newest favorite thing, and you better believe he’s already looking into the intro float pack.

So again, Mindy and I were super excited to have the opportunity to check out Tao and share it with you together. I know Mindy was a super fan, so make sure to check out her version of the experience!

Thanks so much for having us Tao!

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