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#givewell event with Honey and Co

you're in the right placeLast week, I had the pleasure of hosting another sipping and shopping event at Madewell. But this little soirée was made all the better by the joining of forces with the ladies of Honey and Co, who by the way, are darling.

We came together to deck the Madewell halls with tasteful decor and a rack of styled looks for the season. Not surprisingly, I pulled thick knits and printed scarves, with flannel button downs and distressed bottoms. (If you’re reading Santa, one of everything please.)

The Honey and Co gang took the reigns of table decor and dressed it to a T. Seriously, their taste is im.pec.ca.ble. Golds and whites, with cranberry accents, tassels and frames, with handwriting that should be a font…how could you not want them to come take care of your eventful business? I seriously fell in love. And on top of it all, each young lady is as stylish as she is freaking nice. They’re sincere and personable and I imagine you’ll not only want to hire them, but you’ll also want to invite them to your event (and then sit them right at your perfectly decorated head table so that you can hang out all night).

Of course, this was another good one, especially since a number of blogger babes (Preeti of Nines to 5, Liz of 26 & Counting, and Tamia of The Style Sample) stopped by to hang and score some amazing pieces. All in all, it was a lovely #givewell event and I so appreciate being asked back! Thanks Madewell!

Katie's picks Madewell sweater layered scarf Madewell rack Madewell mannequinsHoney and Co garland#partywellgiftwellfollow usHoney and Co decorparty strawscake popshappy holidaysMadewell garlandHoney and CoSeriously, are these girls not the cutest? I asked them if being this stylish was a friend requirement and they just laughed. I’m taking that as not a no…

Thanks Caroline at Madewell, and Sarah, Lily, and Amy of Honey and Co…it was a good one!

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