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frameri stylesMy gut instinct for this post was to talk about how, as a glasses wearer, I’ve always gone the practical route with frames. Then I remembered the first pair that I myself picked out.

I was seven and they were bright red, with multicolored circles, squares, and triangles all over them, as if sprinkled with confetti. The following year, I purposefully broke the stem off one side so that I could get the exact same pair in blue. So yeah, I think I know a thing or two about picking out stylish frames.

Which is exactly what Frameri sets out to do. Create stylishly conscious glasses, where you pick out a lens type and then the frames of that type are interchangeable. What stood out to me the most when talking to Konrad Billetz, the owner and founder, was when he said we should be shopping for glasses where we shop for our clothes. Why shouldn’t our glasses be as fashionable as our wardrobe? He is so right. While glasses are practical and necessary, they can and should be cool. Frameri’s mission is that cool.

On top of that, they’re almost entirely local (there’s one pit stop in Italy). Anchored in OTR, these guys are processing the lenses all in house, straight from their hands, while also having the only patented technology of interchangeable lens. Their frames are first woodcut as templates and tests of style, and once they’re settled upon, they go on to be brought to life just outside of Milan. And while their process is smart and impressive, so is their team. Each and every person I had the opportunity to talk to was nicer and cooler than the last. The heart of those involved, coupled with the quality of their product, makes this exactly the kind of company you want to get behind.

Oh and did I mention their prices? One hundred dollars across the board – one hundred for any prescription lens, one hundred for any frame. Buy one lens, buy three frames, and you now have three cool and trendy glasses for the price of one pair from the wall of your optometrist’s office. How can you not be sold? Make sure to check them out here.

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