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Madewell dressI can be a very moody shopper.

When I am out and about, I am usually looking for something in particular – a dress, a top, a pair of pants – and even when I am, I often find that I end up gravitating towards the same kind of thing – a color, a pattern, a print. The day I got this dress, I was all about some embroidery. I don’t know if this dress was the chicken or the egg but either way, it was all I was bringing into my dressing room.

I also completely plagiarized a move by my blogger pal CincinNatalie by DIYing my necklace. A few weeks back, she posted about spray painting jewelry and one day on a cleaning bender, I found myself with an orange enamel necklace that I no longer cared for and a bottle of black spray paint. This is a killer move all. Do it.

Madewell embroidered dress Madewell shift embroidered shift dress casual shift Madewell shift dressMadewell dress (marked down some!) | DIY necklace (but a few great statement ideas here, here, and here)

images by Annie Jagoditz

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