easy snacking with Autumn Glory apples

You guys know me. I am no culinary genius. I shouldn’t even be considered culinary adequate. I’m basically culinary inept.

But I definitely have a teeny tiny arsenal of oh-even-I-can-do-thats, especially when it comes to snacks for the two little people I am in charge of.

Now we crush a lot of apples in our house, and while we are all usually perfectly happy and content with them just being served by the slice, there are times when it is fun and necessary to dress them up a bit. Enter the Baked Autumn Glory Apple Chips.

For one, the “recipe” is laughably easy. I use the quibble marks because to call this a recipe seems like a joke, but then again, remember who is typing this.

But what we’ve got here is a three step, three ingredient, no-brainer. For ingredients, all you need are apples, lemons, and cinnamon. For the steps, all you need to do is thinly slice the apples, generously squeeze lemon juice and sprinkle cinnamon, and then bake on 200 for two to three hours, in order to dehydrate. Prep time is a second, bake time is obviously longer, but in the end, it is all worth it.

And to do this using Autumn Glory apples is totally the play because this variety has natural notes of caramel and cinnamon, which makes them the perfect choice to slice, dust, bake and then snack on. Perfect flavor with minimal intervening. These apples were made for a chef like me.

So if you too know your own strengths, strengths being anything and everything that exists outside the kitchen, do know that something as simple and satisfying as making baked apple chips using Autumn Glory apples can be right up your ally. I know it is definitely up mine. And know that you can find Autumn Glory apples at many Cincinnati-local grocery stores!

Thanks Autumn Glory for the apples and for partnering on this post!

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