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Kenny on the trolleyNow for my favorite parts.

When we decided on Hook Line and Sinker for dinner, we were a ways down the road and needed transportation. Suddenly, as if willed from our own imagination, the M Line Trolley came to a creaky halt right in front of us. The only catch was that it was heading in the opposite direction of where we needed to go, but we jumped on the free ride anyway knowing it would ultimately reverse and take us to the Sinker.

The ride was a perfect little respite in our day and actually allowed for us to check out some other buildings and scenery and parks that would have otherwise been missed. The car was breezy and fun, antiquey and historic.

america by trolley Adam + KennyBut of course, as I learned from my bachelorette party, where there is Megan and free public transit, there’s bound to be some shenanigans. We sat in what we thought was the last car but quickly realized at some point it would be the first car. So what does Megan dare herself to do? Hop in the drivers seat of course!

Megan steering the trolley Katie + Megan Kenny + AdamAfter the ride and the grub, it was decided that we’d spend our evening at Top Golf.

Top Golf, which was talked up before we even got there, is an awesome driving range that goes above and beyond your typical range. The balls all have GPS and there are nets surrounding the pins that track the balls and you accumulate points by getting your ball the closest to any given pin, higher points for getting it closest to the hole or for driving it closest to the furthest hole, obviously.

It was something that we planned on doing on Sunday after brunch but as Adam put it, you’re going to wish you went more than once, it’s that awesome so we tacked it on our first day marathon. But it really was that awesome. We all played for a few hours and I learned that golf isn’t half bad. Here you have a nice little sitting area with monitors tracking your progress and game, bumping poppy rap music playing in the background, and  a waitress who comes around and brings you buckets of beer. America!

Top Golf in Dallas Adam at Top Golf tall boys at Top Golf Kenny at Top Golf Kenny at Top Golf in Dallas Katie collage at Top Golf Megan collage at Top Golf Katie at Top GolfThis, plus all that I shared yesterday (minus the chicken and waffles) is how we treated ourselves on the very first day of our trip. We know how to get down. And while this was one of my favorite things that day, my most favorite was actually our very first stop and that’s for tomorrow!

And I’ve got plans for an outfit post next week, but you can find what I’ve been wearing in these last few posts hereherehere.

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