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Truck Yard signThis was our first experience in Dallas and I absolutely loved it.

The opening testimonial found on the Truck Yard website reads I think everyone that comes here is instantly in love with this venue and that couldn’t be more true. The trailer park hodge podge decor in this open air bar is hilarious and charming. There’s an impressive collection of mismatched and misshapen lawn furniture that makes up the seating and there’s even a treehouse area high above in the corner for some overviewing pleasure. We opted to sit in a wheelless truck bed which was centrally located and allowed for some prime people watching. And the crowd was as ecclectic as its decor. I saw cooly dressed blonds in maxi dresses and aviators, polished families with children in red, white, and blue, and leather draped bikers with braided fu manchu chops. This place killed it.

Everything about this place allowed for some good old fashion laid back fun. Food trucks lined up along the side and trees surrounded the entire space allowing for some shade and breeze. I liked this place so much because it is the kind of place that you can’t just find anywhere. Megan and Adam really set expectations high by starting off our Dallas tour at the Truck Yard.

a truch at the Truck Yard Truck Yard stage Truck Yard treehouse Truck Yard trailer bar Truck Yard Truck Yard cocktail Truck Yard food trucks lineup Truck Yard food trucks Kenny + Megan at Truck Yard Chevrolet seats at Truck Yard seats at Truck Yard bikes at Truck Yard tires at Truck Yard rusty bikes at Truck Yard Katie + Megan at Truck YardSo while pretty much everything that I’ve shared here went on on the very first day, we definitely did more. We spent one afternoon shopping the outlets around their place and then hung out poolside. We had one big night out on the town where we popped into a couple different bars and grabbed some late night tacos. Megan also took me to The Bishop Arts District and then for a drink at the Belmont Hotel.

All in all, I absolutely loved Dallas. It was clean and shiny and big and made up of only handsome people. I swear, every last person was good looking and dressed perfectly. What a wonderful town.

And now I’m off on another adventure, this time with my closest babefriends. I won’t be back until next week but make sure to follow the fashion and mayhem on Twitter and Instagram, it’s sure to be a good time!

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