cybex cloud q infant car seat

I was obsessed last time, and I’m finding myself just as obsessed this time. I’m talking about non-eyesore baby products.

Now this should go without saying, but I hope you understand that I am not purely talking vanity. I do not just seek things because they are pretty or “top of the line” or seemingly the newest trend. But I will say it can feel difficult when looking for baby items because so many things are just so…baby. There are all sorts of set ups and contraptions that are lifesavers, but why do they have to turn my living room into Chuck E Cheese? Why when I am out and about with my baby (soon-to-be babies) do I sometimes feel like a camp counselor? This may come off as obnoxious but you are talking to a girl who really likes to feel stylishly adult, and neither that, nor any other important concerns, should be compromised now that I am a parent, right?

Cybex is a brand who I now know is totally feeling me when it comes to the modern mom and her modern gear. But Cybex is not out to just sell you on their styling. No no, they are delivering not only sleek and modern products, but products that are leaders and award winners in both safety and quality.

I got the opportunity to check out the Cybex Cloud Q rear-facing infant car seat and all I can immediately say is I am blown away. This car seat delivers on so many fronts and I cannot wait to secure my newest little golden egg right in there. This new baby is about to be riding around in such sweet style, while also being extraordinarily safe, and getting to indulge in some new upgrades and perks that are nothing short of genius.

The first thing I want to talk about is safety. The protection innovations on this car seat include a base with a load leg, which keeps the seat upright in the event of a crash, ensuring the baby’s head, neck, and body are most protected. The car seat itself has a Telescopic Linear Side-Impact Protection system, as well as an energy-absorbing shell, which helps absorb what may be a side-impact collision. The L.S.P. systems are easily and individually adjusted as extended side protectants, which can be extended to the car door to take on the impact and channel away from the baby. While I was checking out that feature, Harry was running around me. I thought about him and his car seat and now I feel like I’ve barely been duct taping him to a cardboard box and wishing him good luck every time we take a spin.

It is also evident that each and every fiber of this carseat is of the highest quality. The padding and newborn inlay are both so soft that I myself wish I could crawl inside and take a nap. The entire thing feels plush but also durable, cozy but wildly sturdy. The comfort and consciousness of quality is clearly and literally palpable.

Then there is the style. Cybex believes in maintaining a fashionable aesthetic for the fashionable mom and dad, a mom and dad who don’t want to have to compromise taste for things like functionality and safety, hence why again, they deliver it all with this car seat. One of my favorite stylistic components is the integrated XXL fold-away sun canopy. The canopy disappears cleanly behind the structured visor and can be utilized at incremental points, which allows for perfect sun protection. The canopy itself, of course, meets the UVP50+ sun protection standard, and is made of thick stretch fabric that will allow it to keep its shape and durability. The whole thing is pretty sweet.

And I’ve been saving the best feature for last – the full-recline feature. Outside of the car, this car seat can adjust to a full-recline, which allows for longer leg and back rest where the baby can lie comfortably extended. This adjustment can be made while the baby remains in the car seat, which means when taken from car to stroller, or parked table side at a restaurant for lunch, the baby can continue to rest and sleep away in an even more comfortable and ergonomically correct position. The connivence of when Harry was a tiny baby, completely totable in his car seat, was one of the reasons Kenny and I continued to get out there and enjoy the perks of life with a newborn. This car seat is only upping the ante when it comes to mobility and longevity. I can taste the bottomless mimosas from here.

I am beyond excited by the prospects of this Cybex Cloud Q car seat. Again, its quality, functionality, safety, and design inspires me to stay stylish and maintain the lifestyle that I very much love. I am so looking forward to putting a squishy new baby in there soon as I know I can rest assured that it will be comfortable and protected in all the right ways.

Thank you to CYBEX for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

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