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I’ve got another skin care regime to share and this is one you are going to want to know about.

Cyantific Skin Care is a Columbus-based skin care line co-founded by microbiologist Stephanie Smith. Cyantific uses a unique blue-green algae compound sustainably harvested from lakes in the Pacific Northwest. Furthermore, the line contains the most powerful UVA-absorbing compounds known to exist in nature, as well as antioxidant and amino acid rich formulas, and moisture retaining carbohydrates to lessen dehydration of the skin. Cyantific aims to nourish, protect, and hydrate your skin.

I was given an opportunity to try the Complete Anti-Aging Package, which included the Nourishing Daily Serum, the Protecting Daily Lotion, and the Hydrating Night Cream. I’ve made a point to use it all for the last week and so far, I am digging what I am feeling. But let me break it down…

The Nourishing Daily Serum is actually my favorite, although I wasn’t sure it would be at first use. I’ve tried a few different serum compounds at this point – some like gel, some like lotion, some like oil – and this one is the kind I tend to like the most because it is more on the clear, oily, gel side. Now what made me hesitant initially was that after my first liberal slathering, my skin felt really sticky. I panicked because I hate that, but I gave it a minute and worked it in as the directions suggested (which meant patting with my finger tips to “activate”) and once it either dried or really sunk it, the sticky feeling went away and all was good. So with this one, I just know I have to give it a minute before moving into moisturizing, which is no big deal.

And now I am not sure this is supposed to be the case, but I will say that once it is on, it does slightly burn…but it burns in the way that I like it, like it feels like it is really doing something. As an ardent user of the m-61 Powerglow Peel Pads, I am all for a little heat in my skincare, so again, I like it. It definitely doesn’t feel like a reactionary reaction, and I haven’t had any skin issues since, but I did want to be honest about the sensation because you might be someone like me where that’s more of a turn on than a red flag. Skin sadists unite.

Then after the serum comes the Protecting Daily Lotion. What I like about this one is that it doesn’t feel all that thick, and it has a really nice refreshing smell. When I go to put it on, it feels like a simply awesome everyday layer to start with, which is what I personally look for in a daily face moisturizer.

But after the serum, my second favorite is the Hydrating Night Cream. As far as night creams go, this is exactly what I look for, as the lotion is so rich in moisture that there is a watery feel to it. You know the kind? Where you scoop it out and it is almost a little gelatinous? And then it goes on so smoothly and evenly that it feels like a little hydromask? That is what I love to put on right before going to bed so using this one nightly has been a real treat.

So if you are like me and working diligently when it comes to skin care (especially by starting sooner rather than later!), then consider giving the Cyantific system a try. Again, I am really liking each individual product, as well as the whole routine, because my skin has been feeling as rich and hydrated as it can and should be. I would also consider the price points for each really fair, especially because I think this is one that will last and last, given how much is needed for the daily use.

And what is even better is the fact that Cyantific would like to extend a major 30% discount offer, which can be taken off your entire (one time use) cart purchase! Use code outandoutfit for that deal, which should be more than enticing for you to get in on it for yourself or even others! And when you do, let me know what you think!

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