culottes two ways

It is getting cooler and cooler but the culottes are still going strong.

I didn’t initially realize how much I would make these guys a work workhorse, but they are on a near weekly rotation. I’ve been having a blast styling them in so many ways, which is why I am bringing you two looks today. The first is a more casual option, where I go all in with cotton and navy and stripe. The second is a more dressier option, with a comfortable heel and a 70s vibe. Both work, both are comfy, and both satisfy my incessant culotte craving. Bless this weird warm fall for allowing me to stretch these, but I guarantee I’ll figure out a way to rock them in the dead of winter.

(And also, can I tell you I tried to work on a great little post Tuesday night? But as the night spun on, I just couldn’t. I was then too sad on Wednesday to finish. I considered hashing out my feelings here, but I ended up doing that with those nearest and dearest to me, in ways that truly helped. But on this space, and in this time, let it be known that I am ready and committed to living in the America that I want – one that is different and colorful and accepting and respectful and kind and supportive and honorable and one that is held to a standard that I will teach my son to hold himself to. That I can and will do to deal.)

Alright, now back to the cool culottes…

kit-ace-culottes-with-striped-tee kit-ace-stiped-tee-look kit-ace-culottesKit + Ace culottes | Mossimo tee (old but this one would look just as cute) | David Aubrey necklace (sold out but similar) | J Crew Factory flats (similar style)

kit-ace-culottes-with-silk-button-down kit-ace-navy-culotte-lookkit-ace-culottes-with-button-downKit + Ace culottes | J Crew Factory silk button down (not at all similar but I think I just found how I will be making these work this winter…) | (everything else is old and easy – print belt and nude heel – we can all make that work with what we’ve got…)

images by Annie Jagoditz

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