city beat contributor and first feature

In related press and something-that-has-been-in-the-works news, I am excited to share that I am now a contributor for City Beat Magazine, writing for their Eats section, which is pretty cool stuff.

My first article was published just a few weeks ago and it featured Paul Weckman, owner of Otto’s in Covington. Having a chance to sit down and talk with Paul not only invigorated my excitement for extending myself as a writer, but reiterated my love for why I started blogging in the first place, which was about getting out there and experiencing all that this surrounding area has to offer. Listening to Paul tell me his story, of how he went from a college student working in restaurants to visionary and owner of a twelve-year and running establishment, was as inspiring as it was motivating. I encourage you to check out the full feature here.

But after we covered my City Beat bases, our conversation turned towards one that OUT + OUTFIT would appreciate. I asked him about his personal style, to which he immediately responded with a laugh and a drop of his head, as a (male) manager yelled from behind the bar “hot!”

Sitting there in a perfectly approachable plaid button down, this inquiry about style didn’t seem that far off. Yet it was at this point that he informed me that his style, much like Steve Jobs, was mainly due to “decision fatigue.” Turns out, decision fatigue is about people who have to make too many decisions on a daily basis, therefore getting dressed ranks extremely low on their list. This is why Jobs owned so many of the same turtlenecks. Style is about whatever is easiest and mindless. Paul is a simple guy whose uniform is made up of jeans and a tee and the same version of the Patagonia fleece he’s been wearing since he was thirteen. Nothing more, nothing less, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Now, I have more features on the horizon, but it is my hopes to always extend the conversation for some fun here on the blog. I hope to incorporate a story of style and interest with everyone that I meet, and I hope you like it too.

It is also my plan to have some uniformity, some final detail that anchors the whole piece. So with that, I give you the standing question I hope to ask many more food entrepreneurs in the future: What five items should every at-home chef have? 

Paul’s answers:

fresh herbs

good salt and pepper



a sauté pan

So let me know what you think…especially if you are interested in any more tales of this caliber popping up on the blog here. I always want to make sure I am giving the people what they want :)

image source: jesse fox for city beat magazine

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    Congrats, how cool! xo, rachel http://www.clefashionista.com

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    Sending good vibs for a long run. I have been wondering about that Frieda images on Main.

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