If I were a better blogger, I would break this Chicago post down and spread it out for a whole week’s worth of OUT and OUTFIT posts because all we did was eat and shop and eat and see Hamilton and eat and hang out with friends (sup Seth and Sal!) and eat. But right now, that is not who I am.

So while last weekend Kenny treated me to the most insane early birthday weekend – a weekend away to my favorite city, to do my favorite things, and to finally see my favorite musical, the one that has been on repeat on Spotify for a solid year and a half – I am just going to throw it all together in one post, as an onslaught of photos, with quick praise and links all that we did. Without surprise, there was not one un-awesome part and while I could go into explicit detail about each individual chapter, today I am just going to let the quick love speak for itself. 

Enjoy! (And get that finger ready to scroll scroll scroll…)

This was the view from our Ritz-Carlton room…so swanky.

And while I knew this was for my birthday (which is still a month away), this was the first official surprise (which cements how awesome the Ritz is).

We immediately dove in post picture snap and it was delish.

Our first lunch of the weekend was at Beatrix, which was right around the corner from the hotel. We started with hummus and it was very great.

Kenny ordered the spicy chicken tinga, with guajillo chili, sunny eggs, avocado, and corn tortilla. Amazing.

I went with the poke bowl and per usual, it was perfection.

Kenny then was such a sport as we pranced up and down Michigan Avenue.

Staying at the Ritz was just such a classically classy move.

The Chicago location just recently underwent a renovation, and there were really cool pop art pieces all throughout.

Dinner that night was at RPM Steak, a spot that Kenny went to while there on business and he could not stop raving about it.

And after being there for two minutes, I too was all in on its coolness. And first up was a must order – the coal-roasted king crab. Unreal.

I then made us order the truffle fries special of the night. It was a double order of fries tossed in truffle oil and shaved parmesan, with shaved truffles added to the top. Say it with me now – unreal.

And while steak is not totally my kind of treat, when in Rome, I followed Kenny’s recommendation with The Duke and it was totally delicious.

Dessert was then a bowl of cotton candy because obviously.

The grand finale of the evening was Hamilton. And if you don’t know, now you know. It was what dreams are made of.

The next day continued with a banging brunch at Beatnik with our dears, Seth and Sally.

Beatnix’s menu is tapas-style, so there was lots and lots of orders, but some of the most notable mentions are the above fattoush salad…

…and the smoked salmon toast. Bellissimo.

Beatnik’s was an Instagrammer’s dream.

Sunday Funday continued with beers all throughout Wicker Park.

The day and weekend then culminated with dinner at Dove’s Luncheonette, a tex-mex’ers dream.

Top prize at this place goes to the ceviche. Best I’ve ever had.

Sliding in at a close second was the burnt ends hash. Hot dog.

My girl, Sal.

My guy, Ken.

In true Chicago fashion, the weekend was 100 miles an hour, amazing in all great and good ways, and one that will go down in the books as the time Kenny completely outdid himself for me. I don’t deserve it, I honestly can’t handle it, and I’ll need a life coach to teach me how to give to him like he gives to me. Until next time, here’s to hoping that one day I can top his toppiness.

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