It is Charleston Week on the blog because it was that good, there is that much, and there is no other way.

As I quickly shared in my last post, I took off for Charleston to share in the nuptials of two dear friends, Seth and Sally. In short, this was five unadulterated days with those who I’ve loved since high school and college, those that I’ve loved since meeting them via Seth and Sal as a couple, and those that I quickly got to know and love by this very meeting up in the city that I’ve loved since my first trip years ago. In shorter short, there was a lot I loved.

And while I’ve blogged about Charleston many many many many many times before, today I just want to share quick quips about this most recent visit, which involved both new and always-do experiences. And after I do so, know that I’ve got a couple of singular #out posts that’ll go up, so stay tuned for more.

Mocha latte coffee splurge from City Lights Coffee (right off King Street FTW).

The ever-swanky Pavilion rooftop bar view (on a day where there was seemingly no temperature).

Just a couple of kids (kicking back without kids).

The squad at the welcome party (at Leon’s).

Brunch in bed at The Dewberry (brought to us courtesy of Jordan, our seemingly personal butler who kept (unfortunately) being the one to deal with us…wherever we were).

Seriously, the coolest.

You read that right.

Five licks and fifteen minutes later and we were zero to a hundred sistas real quick (thanks Buzz Pops Cocktails).

Then thirty minutes after that, we were cocktail party ready to go.

And then this stud outshines me.


And then check this out – the bride and groom took the time to meticulously select individual pictures of every single guest to serve as their seating chart. Unbelievable.

And there we are again.

Charleston (and Seth and Sal), you literally never disappoint.

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