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    a letter to louise

    Louise. Seeing as today marks my first day back to work after an awesomely extended maternity leave, I want to share with you a letter, just like I did for your brother Harry. Simply…

    November 20, 2017
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    sri lanka curry // zaycon fresh

    Hitting quite a few birds with this one blog post stone. The best thing we had at the Cincinnati Food + Wine Classic was the Sri Lankan curry by Samantha of Tuk Tuk Sri…

    November 8, 2017
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    blink love

    What a weekend to be alive in Cincinnati. I cannot believe how incredibly huge and successful Blink Cincinnati was. If you are local, I am sure you heard about it, saw it all over…

    October 16, 2017
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    Baby headbands are the reason I was hoping Harry was a girl, and the reason I am so glad that Louise is a girl. Seriously, is there anything cuter and more perfect than adorning…

    October 12, 2017