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    napa valley california

    Love California. Love Napa Valley. I have had the awesome good fortune to make not one, but two trips out to the west coast this past year. Back in July, Kenny and I spent…

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    summer scrapbook

    I am both an obsessive picture taker and an obsessive picture purger. I snap all day long, and then pretty much biweekly, go back through and move hundreds to trash, just to keep a…

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    21c, 21c Spa, and Metropole

    Talk about a For my mom’s 60th birthday, we (plus her two sisters) checked into 21c for a completely all-in in-house staycation where we did – and could do – all.the.things. We doubled…

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    shopbop black friday

    Like all good things Black Friday and deals and shopping and saving, my most favorite – Shopbop – is offering 20% off orders over $200, which always ends up being a good deal, so…