bring on the bodysuits

One day, I’ll learn.

It was during one of my numerous visits to Pretty Pony Boutique when Cassie (the owner) talked me into a bodysuit. I was warm to the idea, I had a pair of pants in mind, and she of course hooked me up. She was talking a big game about bodysuits, saying how she was all in, and while I was interested, I wasn’t positive that I would totally be a sporter of the look. But last week, I decided to pair the top with my super fav button front jeans, and the rest is now history. I’ve already ordered more. Now I literally only want to wear bodysuits.

Again, one day I’ll learn that when Cassie pushes me in a direction, I should accept the fact I’m ultimately going to love it.

Wish List bodysuit c/o | Madewell denim | bag from Olive + Pepper | Gap sunnies | Sam Edelman mules

images by Annie Jagoditz

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