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I did the thing I always do. I say I’m over something and then I go for that very something.

During my organizing New Year’s bender, I purged much of my closet. I thought about the kind of style I wanted to have and told myself I was going to stick to it. In my mind, I was thinking a sleek neutral collection, a litany of classics and staples with a twist. I wanted to streamline my style and really refine my signature. I told myself once and for all, I am not that into color, especially bright colors, and I was bound for my closet to get that way. Then I find this top on super sale and think well gosh darn it, isn’t that fun? And I buy it and I love it.

Moral of the story? I am not going to feel like I need to be something just because I think I need to be it. If I want a refined style, I am going to go for it. But I am also not going to get held up on not going for something just because it might fall outside of some goal. If I’m into it, I’m going to be into it. That’s the new philosophy.

Ann Taylor top (there is also a great sale happening regardless) | Madewell jeans (these are a trusty pair from maybe five years ago, but any pair will do) | J.Crew Factory flats | Gray Monroe clutch c/o

images by Annie Jagoditz

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