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Alba Beauty Studio blowoutThis past Friday, we had some friends over to celebrate my birthday.  Did you all know it was my birthday last week?  Anyway, it was really nice!  A handful of sweet friends and family came over to eat, drink, and be merry, and it was an absolute blast.  Above are some dear girlies who lasted the longest, god love em!

But the real treat came that afternoon when I got a blowout at Cincy Organic Stylebar, which is an affiliate of Alba Organic Beauty Studio.  For those unfamiliar, a blowout is a hair wash and styling using only a blow dryer, so no direct heat, leaving your hair silky and bouncy for days on end.  When I was put in contact with Andrea (a fellow Notre Dame alum!), I let her know that she answered my prayers.  I’ve been dying for a blowout ever since I started growing out my hair.  Hallelujah.

When you sit down for your blowout, you get to pick the style you’d like, and my girl Kassey and I decided on full curls rolling away from my face.  Goodness did she deliver (see the gorgeous locks below).  I felt like a beauty queen upon my completion and it also felt just so dang good as she was brushing my mane out.  Kassey should have been given a heads up that I have triple the amount of hair on my head than a normal person, so it would have been a good idea to do an extra push up that morning to get through my do.  But she was a sport about it and I reaped the benefits.

I highly recommend the blowout and I highly recommend this studio.  They literally offer everything – full service salon, blowouts, make up, manis, pedis, spray tans, massages, facials, bridal needs – the works.  And their space is adorable.  Fun fact, Andrea’s husband built most of their furniture.  Seriously?  These people are unstoppable.

blowout curlsblowout-profileblowoutThe above’s a shameless closet selfie.  By the time the party rolled around, I had run my fingers through my hair enough that some of the curls calmed down.  I loved it this way for what I had going on that night and I pinned back the sides to keep it out of my face a bit.  And this style kept the next day and was even more relaxed, which was gorg.  It was like having 3 hair styles for the price of one.

Thanks Cincy Organic Stylebar and Kassey for the great blowout!

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