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Kenny Holocher is 30 years old today and we should all be freaking out a little.

Thirty is a big deal. HUGE deal. We were talking about it last night and he said he vividly remembers being 22 and thinking 30 is just so far away and something that will never happen. And then blink, it’s here.

But right after that, he went on to reflect on all that he has accomplished in his twenties – graduated college, bought a house, got married, traveled a ton, had a baby, completed plenty of marathons and an ironman, established himself in his career, only drank about 10,000 beers with friends – clearly a lot. And with that, he said he felt good and ready to go for an even better thirties. That’s Kenny Holocher for you – everything is 100% LFG.

So if you see the guy, give him a big one – high five, hug, smooch, beer, whatever – because he’s the king of ensuring you are having a good time and he deserves that big time today.

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