I feel like I might need to rebrand. I think I need to expand to OUT + OUTFIT + OH MAN I LOVE TO TAKE CARE OF MY SKIN NOW.

Because I do…I do so so much. Again, it has only been within the last year that I have gotten into the beautifying game, but now my bathroom cabinet is overflowing with regiments and products and I absolutely love it. I just can’t get enough of trying out new things and mixing up my nightly routines. It is everything but a chore.

But now a back story. I was having a conversation with my coworker-friend Erin about makeup and skin care. She shared that she hasn’t been able to wear any eye makeup recently because no matter what she tries – high and low end brands – her eyes get red and itchy, so she just stopped. I asked her if she ever considered Beautycounter, and while she was familiar with the brand, she hadn’t yet tried it. I was also familiar with the brand without ever having tried it, but I knew that it was known for being devoid of harmful ingredients and particularly good for those with sensitivities.

Then in a moment of serendipitous fate, I came across a note in my inbox regrading a Beautycounter event and an option to try out some product. I shared that very conversation and was generously sent products for both my friend and I to try. Erin was given some eye makeup options, and I got the Rejuvenating line plus cleansing balm. With that, it was on.

I took the eye makeup with me to work to deliver to my gal pal and during a free moment in the morning, Erin applied both the eye liner and mascara. A risky move, given we were going to be at work all day and she had a history of breaking out in red upon applying makeup, but guess what happened? Nothing! She looked good and felt good all day, so we’re hoping she’s cracked the case… But on top of not having a reaction, she spoke to the lightness of it all, especially the mascara, which she said felt like she wasn’t wearing any at all. So far, so good.

The night before, I dove into all things rejuvenating. Of all the products, I was most struck by the cleansing balm. Described as both cleansing and moisturizing, this waxy-ish paste did just that. After taking off my eye makeup, I used it to wash my face, but it was definitely different than what I was used to. It felt extremely oily but it was clear that that was good and intentional. It cleaned my skin without stripping it of its moisture, and after washing it off, I was like I totally get it.

The other components – the toner pads, serum, eye cream, and day cream – were all then as equally as delicious as the balm. My skin felt silky smooth and deeply hydrated and I went to bed with a smile on my face.

So far I have to say I am a fan. The balm is one that I would like to say is different from anything else I’ve tried before, and on the whole, I am really appreciating that everything is as pure and honest as it can be. Going all in on what is natural and clean is something that is permeating all that I try to do, so there’s no reason it shouldn’t be how I choose to treat my skincare as well.

Beautycounter is similar to other lines that sell primarily through independent consultants, but they are also carried by retailers like Target and J.Crew. And if you are like me who is familiar with the brand but have not had a chance to check it out, or Beautycounter is all news to you, consider attending a local event happening at 21c tomorrow night from 7-8:30. There you can meet the local Beautycounter team, while learning about their products and business. I am personally bummed I cannot attend but do want to say I am pretty into what they’ve got going on, so do get back to me if you yourself attend!

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