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Ask and you shall receive (looking at you @staceyfrane).

A couple IG posts ago, I was asked if I would share my makeup routine. I honestly looked over both my shoulders to make sure it was me she was talking to because while I definitely wear makeup – and am all about #alltheskincare – I’ve never once considered my makeup skillz to be all that noteworthy. While I do put on a face every morning, I’d say I am more on the low maintenance side of the spectrum. It is basically eye lashes, powder, and lipstick, and I’m out the door. I also (as you’ll soon see) have no idea what I am talking about.

However, as simple as I may keep things in this department, I do have some tried-and-true go-to’s and I would be happy to share (even if the only two listening are Stacey and my mom (hi mom!)).

First thing to note is that as a rule, I only keep out what I use. If I haven’t applied some kind of concealer cream or random eye liner, deep in the drawer it goes until I run out and then pull it as reserves. That keeps my applicationing streamlined and the makeup counter less cluttered. (Stay until the end to find out more about this super chic marble display tray.)

The first thing I do is part not-pictured, part pictured. Thanks to my old pal Brittany (sup girl!), I now start my morning with some Gold & Snail eye patches. These hydrate the heck out of my under eyes, and not only do they feel nice and cool, but I swear they make my concealer go on, and stay on, all day long. They’re also super cheap.

While those puppies are working, I apply the Lune + Aster Primer. I like, think I know what primer is supposed to do (make your makeup be better?) but I am honestly not sure, nor am I sure that I care. All I know is that this stuff feels good when I put it on, like it makes my skin feel cleaner, so I slather it on and let it do its presumed magic. Would I recommend it? Yes! Do I know exactly why? Nope! (Except I have used a few different primers and this one has felt the best and lasted the longest, so the winner it is.)

Then once the hydropeels have done their hydrating, I apply good old fashion Clinique under eye concealer with one of those bright orange egg doodads. I used to go the grocery store route for concealers, but I am definitely one of those who has the bags that need the work, so I’ve had to “step it up” in that department. I’ve tried all sorts – name brands high and low – but Clinique is just the one that does the trick so that’s the one I stick with.

I also do the Bare Minerals routine. I’ve started skipping the bronzer because I have found that I am more and more comfortable with the color of my skin. “Not tan” used to be a trigger, but I (thankfully, luckily, and smartly) no longer feel that way. Sure, I’ll let the sun do some damage this summer, but I am over resorting to panic tan. I am perfectly happy with a nice healthy white. And I think Bare Minerals blends and sweeps my face together rather nicely in that regard.

And then the only thing I really do care about is eyeliner. I actually don’t even wear any eye shadow (although I think I should maybe start) but I do do eyeliner so that I look awake and alive. This too is one of those that I’ll now pony up for because I am just over the underliner smudging off before my coffee is finished. However, I also do one extra trick.

I like to apply a serious one first, and that one is the Marc Jacobs. This one will go the distance and it is one of those crank kind? Like, you don’t sharpen it but it is a really rich crayon-y substance? (I am so good at this.). Whatever it is, it is awesome, but I like to actually then apply a pencil kind of eyeliner on top as well. I have clearly been using this Honest one down to its last bit, and if I am being honest, it came free in one of my diaper bundles and it is perfectly great. I’ll probably order another (except I just got on and I don’t see it so maybe it isn’t happening anymore), but at the end of the day, I just like having one that I can sharpen that also has a smudging nub. Sometimes the Marc Jacobs will go on very thick, like very nighttime, but yet I am about to walk into a classroom at 7 am, so I use the Honest one to smooth it out and make me a little less rawr.

And then the final touches are the rest of the Clinique clique. I didn’t realize I was such a loyalist until writing this post, but I do love Clinique (again, probably because of my mom (hi mom!)) but their stuff is just so solid. So with that, I finish with the Lash Building Primer, High Impact Mascara, Sculpting Highlighter, and the Cheek Colour Blam. Put the eye stuff on your eyes, and the cheek stuff on your cheeks. Got it?!

And as I mentioned in the beginning, it is all about minimizing what I’m working with. Nothing makes that more gorgeous than a gorgeous tray to display everything on. I was just recently gifted this square marble plate from J + Porter Home, a small online retail site that I have been recently introduced to. I love having this very clean and sharp piece to keep all my makeup on. The tray is then complimented by the marble display box, which is where I house all my lipsticks…

Which duh silly me – I forgot to my capture favorite part – bold lipstick. All are tucked away in the matching marble box but I can definitely list my signature, followed by my favs (in order)…NARS Luxembourg forever and always, followed closely by shades Yu and Hyde Park. Then, surprise surprise, it is Clinique Ginger Flower, Red Red Red, and the chubby stick, Mightiest Maraschino. I don’t do a bold lip during the day (although I always talk about it) but I definitely look forward to it any time I’m out (especially because a bold lip always looks better in photos).

So there you have it. Some insight into what I do, what I use, and how I am clearly not a beauty blogger. However, I love sharing what I love, and I will always take post recommendations. On that note, know that I plan to follow this post with what I use, and what I’ve done, to get myself to one hair wash a week (looking at you @sipesstelzer), so stay tuned!

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