back-to-school five minute face with l’oreal

Yesterday marked my first day back to school so from this point forward, it’s on.

And while I have sincerely been looking forward to getting back into the busy grind, I’ve also got to get back into being smart and efficient with my time, most importantly during my (early) morning makeup routine. That is why I am excited to partner with L’Oreal again to bring you a five-minute face, focusing on five (and a half) essential products.

When it comes to makeup, I am (pretty) low maintenance. Under eyes, eyes, brows, and a lip and I’m ready to roll. And currently, L’Oreal is making things easy with their signatures for each.

First up is the Infallible Longwear Shaping Stick foundation, which I use just under my eyes. It is all I need to swipe away the circles and set my face. I like the stick application to apply, using then an egg sponge to blend and smooth. This part gets done in under a minute.

Then it is on to eyes, which simply means liner and mascara. When it comes to liner, I tend to like the pencil kinds, so I’ve been digging the Infallible Pro-Last Liner pencil. It is good and dewy, and when sharpened to a point, goes on cleanly and subtly, which I appreciate for the day.

Then it is onto items number three and a half, lash primer and mascara. I’ve been turned on to lash primer and I ain’t never going back, especially thanks to the Voluminous Primer. After that sets, it is the Voluminous Lash Paradise, and voila, eyes are done with minutes to spare.

After my eyes, I lightly spruce up my eyebrows with the Brow Stylist Shape and Fill. What I like the most about this system is not only the sturdy bristle side, but the thickness of the fill-in pencil itself. As opposed to what I look for with an eye liner, something thin, sharp, and precise, with the eyebrows, I want something more in the highlighter vein, something with some width, and this one delivers just that.

Then the final touch is a day lip thanks to the Infallible Pro Matte lip stick. I like bold for night, but bright for day, and this matte lip color makes me feel finished without being over the top, which is precisely the look to go for.

And that’s it! Five steps done in a matter of minutes, which is perfect for the back-to-school rush and routine. L’Oreal definitely know how to deliver when it comes to an easily maintainable morning routine and I for one am super appreciative!

Find these products at your local Kroger and big thanks to L’Oreal for partnering with me on this!

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