When I say I’ve done it all, I really mean I’ve done it all.

I have done fad in-home DVD programs, trained and completed half and full marathons, committed myself to high intensity training studios, enrolled in aerobic dance classes, signed up for spin classes, purchased rec center memberships, tried hot yoga, tried regular yoga, attempted all the versions of all the barre methods, and yet none of the above now competes or compares to what I feel when I do Barre3.

There are at least 100 good reasons why I love Barre3, but the very best one is that nothing about Barre3 is intimidating. Women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities are in there doing their own thing, at their own pace, which at all times is being prompted and encouraged by the instructors. I never feel like I have to gut something out to show off in front of anyone else. When my shoulders are officially spent, or my abs are just over it, I can modify or take a breather break and never once does that feel like a let down. That alone keeps me coming back for more.

Furthermore, the classes themselves are respectfully intense, but in the most subtle of ways. I feel the burn, I break the sweat, my legs shake and tremble, but hardly am I holding my breath and having to give myself an inner pep talk to make it to some unknown end. And don’t get me wrong, there are moves and series that are tough and uncomfortable, but it is so clear that Barre3’s combination of ballet, pilates, and yoga, all work together to offer the most magic of combinations. The class has a nonstop flow from beginning to end, but it is both doable and enjoyable. It is rigorous and relaxing and that is an amazing strike to balance.

There are also super practical reasons why I love the Barre3 Mariemont location. For one, it is very close to me, so of course that makes it easy. But furthermore, and even better yet, they offer a 4:30 afternoon kid care class. I have to be at work too early in the am to ever consider an early bird class, and with Kenny’s traveling work schedule, I’d only be able to join a group fitness class that offers that option in the afternoon. This studio does that, which is why it has my undying appreciation.

I am clearly a fan of what Barre3 is offering, and I am in such a way that it feels effortless. It has taken me a few years to officially get to this point, but I am at a place where a workout regime needs to be a part of my lifestyle, not something that I need to do to motivate, challenge, test, or make some big change for myself. I am fully aware that being at that point, the point where I am happy and comfortable with all that I’ve got going, is a lucky point to be at. And I am either there because I’ve been doing Barre3 for over a year at this point, or I am there and Barre3 fits right into that philosophy. I bet it is the former, the fact that Barre3 has naturally and easily fit into my life, and changed me in ways that have just felt good. That is why I am all in.

And now that it is the end of the year, and resolutions are on many of our forefronts, Barre3 would love for you to choose them and give it all a try for the month of January. With that, they are generously offering any new clients and friends of OUT+OUTFIT an unlimited month for $85 with offer code OUTANDOUTFIT85 (to buy, click here). And this weekend is a great weekend to check them out, as they are offering free classes all day Saturday to help kick off #B3ALLIN, a month-long guided program that includes meal plans, breathing rituals, and a 5 workouts-a-week goal, all designed to help jumpstart the year.

So while I hope to see you alongside me at the Mariemont location, making the most of the awesome first month special that is being offered, know that the OUTANDOUTFIT85 offer code is good to use at any of the three local locations – Mariemont, Montgomery, or Fort Thomas!

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