autumn glory apples + dip

Coming back atcha with another LOL-able Autumn Glory apples “recipe.”

Remember, I am real good in the kitchen. Like so good. Total natural. So it should come as no surprise that I’ve got another one-two-three step recipe to add some zhuzh to your apple snacking. This time, in dip form.

I’d be lying if I told you I am not sitting here chuckling as I am about to detail the world’s easiest Cinnamon Almond Butter dip. Two of the three ingredients are in the name, so make sure those don’t slip past ya. Then the only other thing you need is vanilla greek yogurt. Are you still with me?

To make, dump equal parts yogurt and almond butter (or whatever kind of nut butter you fancy (I just absolutely prefer almond)) and garnish heavily with cinnamon. Then stir together with a spoon. I haven’t lost you yet, right?

After that, slice some Autumn Glory apples and start dunking away. That’s it folks. Imma start my Top Chef application right now.

But actually very seriously, this crap is really good. And it isn’t even all that bad for you! Definitely hits that sweet-filling spot with the a. butter, and then the greek yogurt cuts through with some sharp tartness. Plus, I literally like everything with cinnamon, so batta-bing, batta-boom, this one’s a winner.

And don’t forget that the Autumn Glory apple variety has natural notes of caramel, which adds even easier and sweeter flavor to the overall snick-snack, making it so good, so easy.

In the end, and while I joke, I do think it is a fun and good thing to have some simple recipes to whip up and dress up apples and apple snacking with. And while there isn’t much that comes intuitively to me in the kitchen, this one is one that I know I can have on hand to treat both myself and my kiddos alike.

Remember to look for Autumn Glory apples at your local grocery, and thanks Autumn Glory for partnering on this post!

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