arkadiance integrated skin care

Got a new one for ya.

Arkadiance Integrated Skin Care is an natural-based skin care and wellness line that aims to take care of the skin in ways both inside and out. Alongside facial cleansers, creams, and toners, there are omega-3 and probiotic supplements designed to boost and compliment that glow of the skin within. Put that all together and you have yourself one powerhouse of positivity and pretty coming your skin’s way.

But what is better yet is the fact that Arkadiance was founded by Ami Kulkarni, a Cincinnati-local and former P&G and Olay and Origins researcher, marketer, and designer. It was her own personal pursuit of natural and high quality skin care that led her to create Arkadiance.

I have been using the Power Players Bundle for almost two weeks now. This bundle includes the Silky Cleansing Gel, Healing Facial Tonic, Cell Renewing Moisturizer, and Omega-3 Radiance Capsules. Simply put, I am totally into it, and will admit that I got a surprise compliment on my skin just yesterday (thanks and sup Aunt Ellen!) so I have to believe it has something to do with this regime. But regardless of that, I totally want to say that I am really and sincerely enjoying this combo. The cleanser gets soapy and leaves my skin feeling nourished, not just clean. The facial tonic might be my favorite because I love a good spritz spray, especially one that smells as good as this one (hello cucumber). And then the moisturizer is exactly what I look for in a moisturizer, if not better. It is dewy and creamy and while it is thick, it doesn’t leave my face feeling sticky as I slather it on (praise hands). So again, I am definitely into and committing myself to the Arkadiance routine.

Now both Ami and I don’t want you to take just my word for it, but in the spirit of love, we are offering one of you the best selling Inside Out Wellness Duo, which includes the Cell Renewing Moisturizer and Omega-3 Radiance Capsules. Make sure to head over to Instagram and look for the post to enter!

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