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OUT + OUTFIT was born purely out of love for all the splurges in my life.

I love getting dressed and going out. I love mixing something preppy with something more laid back. I have yet to find a polka dot crewneck sweater that I don’t like. I really love fur snoods. I feel ready to hit the town in a great pair of black pants. I feel a kinship to navy gingham. I love brown boots and leather crossbody bags. What many call a scarf, I call a necklace. I’m late to the game, but I love going all black. I’m not a t-shirt kind of girl. I have a ROY G BIV collection of cardigans. I used to make fun of my mom for buying the same thing in multiple colors. Now I am that person.

I love Mediterranean tapas and shellfish anything. I like truffle oil so much I’d probably shoot it on the rocks. I love having nothing more than dinner plans at Abigail Street with friends. I love Cincinnati’s resurgence of bars, restaurants, and rooftops, which makes you feel like you are going out of town when you are just downtown. When asked if I’d like to be seated outside, the answer is always yes. I love Saturday morning runs through Sawyer Point and across both the Purple People and Roebling Bridge. Live music, all day, every day. Except for pulled pork, I’m pretty much a vegetarian.  I stop talking when portobello mushroom tacos arrive. I question our friendship if you haven’t tried Allyn’s sweet Chicago boneless wings.

There’s a lot of work in life. And much of that is beautiful and exhausting and fulfilling and necessary. But through it all, the point is that it allows you to do what you love.

This is the stuff I love.

Share what you love with me at katie@outandoutfit.com

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  • Reply Grace Jagoditz December 30, 2015 at 1:15 pm

    Congrats, Katie! The best is yet to come in 2016.

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