a year of valentines

valentinesA long time ago, Kenny and I realized that we needed to have weekday dates.  Something to look forward to, something to break up the routine, something that’s just fun.  We’ve said we are going to do it, and we would maybe go consistently for a few week spurts, but it was always something that fell by the wayside in the chaos of life.

So a few weeks ago, over a couple of beers at Dutch’s, we came up with an idea.  We’ll write down twenty date ideas, ranging anywhere from dinner and a movie, to surprising the other with flowers or a card, to simply taking Hank for a walk.  Then, every other week, we’ll take turns drawing a date.  Which means twice a month we’ll have conscious plans where one of us is the planner and the other is the receiver.

It seemed fitting and perfectly gooby to share this idea today.  Valentine’s Day is just a nice day to take some time to think about the one you like to be around.  Hope you all are feeling the love.

valentinesClearly, some of these ideas are tailored for the other.  Hitting golfballs?  Sure why not.  Shopping?  Absolutely!  My personal favorite?  Recreate a classic high school date.  Which means at some point we are definitely going to O’Charley’s to split a bowl of potato soup and as many rolls as possible.

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