a weekend in Chicago

gals at a weddingI zipped up to Chicago this past weekend for my dear friend’s wedding and then got to visit with my dear friend who lives there. So pretty much my two favorite things happened this weekend.

First the wedding, held at the Armour House in Lake Forest. Utterly gorgeous. Seriously. I don’t even have that much to share picture-wise because it was really about just being there and celebrating with everyone, but the lawn on which they had their ceremony was seriously breathtaking and worth the shots. Given the light and the weather and the nuptials, it was seriously one-of-a-kind.

greg and anne's wedding greg and anne's ceremony ceremony spotAnd this is what I get when I ask those sitting around me to smile for a quick pic before it all begins.

friends at a weddingWhile the wedding was on Friday, we made plans to hang and stay with Sal in the city Saturday night. For as long as Sal has lived there, she has never let me down in plans, this time being no exception. While we did it up, three bars and stops throughout the day, Big Star is my focus.

Big Star patioBig Star is a local taco joint in the heart of Wicker Park. This was a neighborhood that I had not yet visited and is one I’ll definitely want to go back to again. The crowd was hipster, cool, laid back but hopping, which was the makings of a perfect day-drinking and socializing day. And tacos, of course, are the biggest region of my food pyramid so I was beyond happy with the choice. They did not disappoint. I opted for a walking taco (which is exactly as you remember from parties as a kid, poured and eaten from a bag of Fritos) and a fish taco. The fish taco was my favorite because it was fried fish. Enough said.

Big Star tacosPacifico at Big Star Tecate at Big Star Big Star lights Big Star taco signAfter Big Star, we spent hours on the back patio of Happy Village and finished with pizza at Homeslice. The day was big, as all vacation days in the windy city are, and since I already have plans to head back in a few weeks, I am sure to have more to brag about.

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