a trusty getup

Following yesterday’s photo-heavy OUT post with today’s photo-light OUTFIT post.

But this is a worthwhile share because there are a couple of good things going on. First, this is what I wore for an easy day out on the botanical garden town, and it is all built around my trusty reliables – some distressed Madewell denim, a pair of suede booties, and neutral designer crossbody. Secondly, I’m rocking a trusty Dolman sleeve (did you all know I liked those?) underneath an even trustier cozy cardigan. Then thirdly, it is back to my more neutral color palette, which is very much my day-socializing speed. All around for me, this is as trusty as a getup as it gets.

Madewell top (on sale!) + denim | MKT cardigan (on mega sale (and I’m wearing a small!)) | Sam Edelman booties (my most everyday every day shoe) | Tory Burch clutch (another everyday reliable)

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