21c museum hotel

First, this.

Second, Kenny and I and another couple (sup Brian and Nicole!) were completely and utterly spoiled with a full-blown 21c experience last weekend. We checked into our respective rooms (for us, it was the 10th floor corner suite 🙌🏻), had couples massages in the afternoon, had happy hour at Metropole, walked the current Truth or Dare: A Reality Show exhibit, had a night out on the downtown town that was capped off with bar drinks back in the suite, and then all of that was rounded out with breakfast at Metropole the next morning (where Tim Robbins and Mark Ruffalo sat a couple table away). From absolute beginning to end, the stay and getaway was a.maz.ing.

Now of course the accommodations were swanky, of course the spa was luxurious, of course the exhibit was cool and the eats and drinks were yummy – of utter course – but a stay at 21c is so much more than a hotel night stay. Again, with the spa, with the exhibit, with the bar and restaurant, you can actually go down and like, do the hotel. The point about staying at 21c is that you can check in and be there for the day and being there for the day is the point. It was so awesome to put our stuff in our room, only to walk upstairs to get massages, to then head back to our rooms to get ready, to then meet at the bar for drinks, to then take those drinks and walk about the exhibit. We checked in around noon and didn’t leave again until almost dinner time, and yet we were doing all the above. That is the treat and the point of 21c. In and of itself is the getaway.

We are so lucky that we have a 21c in our city. We are so lucky that it is the number one hotel in the state of Ohio. We are so lucky to have 21c as an option for those visiting from out of town, those visiting who live in town, and those celebrities visiting to film movies. All the way around, we are lucky.

21c, what a flipping treat.

Most sincerest and realest thanks to 21c for having my friends and I down to ball out. It was one of the best and I am absolutely and honestly here  to share and sing your praises. You all killed it. 

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