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January 2015

always blue

Shop Local Ky sweatshirtWhile I’m all about Cincinnati, Kentucky is my home.

Especially a Big Blue Kentucky, which is why I was desperate to get my hands on this Shop Local Kentucky sweatshirt I first spotted on Instagram. And I was clearly not the only one, as this bad boy sold out every five minutes. But it’s pretty sweet, awfully cozy, and has plenty of room for that blue blooded baby to grow into, so I’m pretty excited about it. A little KY pride feels right on this side of the river.

Oh, and I got bangs.

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images by Annie Jagoditz



January 2015

out at red feather

Red Feather coffeeI’ve brunched at Red Feather the last two Sundays in a row. And I wouldn’t rule out a third. Or a fourth.

I tried it for the first time last weekend with my mom and sister, and I insisted Kenny and I go back this weekend. It is literally that good. And I ordered the exact same thing because I could not not.

Red Feather binetSo let’s start at the very beginning, which is with a complimentary order of beignets. Those bites alone make the whole trip worth it.

Red FeatherAfter the beignets, I enjoyed a delicious bowl of coffee, while Kenny sprung for the DIY bloody mary bar. For him, what started as a shot of vodka, ended with a concoction of mix, olives, candied bacon, sriracha, spiced coconut, and onion powder. In one word of his? Unreal.

We also ordered one of their handmade biscuits and trio of marmalades. The marmalades are another reason I needed to go back, in particular the bourbon cherry one, although the pear and apricot versions are just as yummy.

Red Feather pancakesI then ordered the pancakes, which is exactly what I ordered last week. I will say, these are the best pancakes I’ve ever had. And upon having them a second time, I think I know why.

They are not really sweet, sugary, desert pancakes. They come out dressed, with syrup and apple butter already on top, and there’s something almost savory about them, something almost smokey, and it just makes it. Just so right. I already think I know what I’m doing next Sunday.

Red Feather egg sandwichBut if you want hearty and full on savory, you order the breakfast sandwich. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but inside that fluffy, flaky croissant, you’ll find eggs, goetta, and boursin. And the thick potato wedge sides were just as good, rounding out the meatiness of the meal. I know Kenny was super happy with the pick.

So if you haven’t yet, make your way to Red Feather. It’s a perfectly quaint little urban eatery in Oakley, which is exactly why I love living where I do.