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September 2014

the grand finale

the grand finaleThis was the weekend of all weekends. Kenny’s two uncles, Hugh and Mike, are known for throwing absolute ragers and this was their grand finale.

For starters, it lasted two days and we were all treated to a night at the Marriott Rivercenter in between. This made for a fun staycation where we were able to check in early, get ready, and enjoy ourselves for a moment before attending the first party. The main event was a black tie ball on the Covington Landing, complete with three different bars, an eight-piece band brought in from D.C., and a countless stream of gourmet appetizers. I unfortunately didn’t have my big camera on me that night but I can assure you it was as glamorous as you can image.

The following morning we were all treated to breakfast in the hotel’s rotunda, while an acoustic singer played a ukulele and personalized scratch off cards that offered countless prizes to be redeemed at the second event were passed around table by table. There was literally not one thing that these two didn’t think of.

The final party was back at the landing for a front row view of the WEBN fireworks. Here we were treated to Cincinnati Circus performers, magicians, Eli’s BarbecueDojo Gelato, and the fulfillment of the morning’s prizes. Some who won one prize at the breakfast were able to sit in a roped off VIP section for the fireworks, the spot that offered the best, most unobstructed view. Another group of winners were treated to a bottle of Dom Perignon to toast with six of their chosen friends. You best believe I found a way to be tapped in as one of someone’s six. Just trying to live the high life.

In the end, this really was the party of all parties. Every last detail was incredibly considerate and insanely fun. I was lucky to be included and like everyone else, am hopeful that they’ll come out of party retirement in the future for another unbelievable time.

jugglers welcome stilts welcome grappas bar Pape ClementHugh researched this bottle of wine for nearly a year….

the grand finale party grand finale party stilts entertainment Eli's catering magician entertainment magician card trick Cincinnati Circuspaddle boat on the riverIMG_8500This is my only image from the black tie night, which is such a bummer because you know how much I love a reason to get super dressed up and give my favorite dream dress another night out on the town.

Hope you all went out with a bang too!



August 2014

workwear roundup

AugustWorkwearOnly I would be aware of this, but I really don’t repeat any head-to-toe outfits to work.

Now. I only have to get dressed-dressed for 182 workdays and that’s including “spirit fridays” where we can wear jeans with school tees or colors, so with 37 or so Fridays, that really only puts me at somewhere around 145 outfit days a year. (Hey look at me, I did math!)

Given this, I wanted to both challenge myself to actually not repeat any outfits, as well as show the getups in bulk. My plan is to post this kind of roundup at the end of each month in order to share the ideas and possibilities when it comes to dressing up for work. And while some outfits will be outfit posts themselves, the roundups will all just be iPhone selfies taken in my living room sometime before or after work. Gotta do whatcha gotta do.

AugustWorkwear1 AugustWorkwear2Now for a few links and ideas…

embroidered dress and tassel necklace | polka dot button down and print belt | gingham shirt and black skirt | rainbow necklace and polka dot skirt | lavender cardigan and red dress | black and white top and minnie pants

If I left anything out that you’d like a link for, don’t hesitate to ask by commenting or shooting me an email (katie@outandoutfit.com). Also, if the masses would like this to be something that pops up weekly, rather than monthly, let me know as well! I’m here for the people.