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August 21, 2017

Talking paint and the painter behind it all today.

We’ve been in our new house now for just shy of a month and it is slowly but surely starting to feel like home. Simply put, the house is super cool and beautiful, and it is my plan to do some home decor features because there are some awesome rooms and elements that are getting some awesome local treatments and I definitely want to share that all with you. And while it was my hope to do this kind of post once things were a bit more decor-ly up and running, I do want to go ahead and share the first thing we did right off the bat – paint.

Now, even more than the paint colors, I want to sing the praises of Bryan Miller of Miller’s Painting Services. I found him thanks to an out of the blue referral post on a Facebook group that I am in, and I am here to now echo the nothing but good things to say opinion of him and his work. First of all, the guy is a total sweetheart – friendly, personable, focused, and just plain nice. He came in, quoted us an amazing price, and then got to work. And the request was a big undertaking as we basically painted every single room but our bedroom, and he and his guys were in and out in a matter of five days. If you are in need of a professional paint job, you absolutely must call Bryan.

And as far as the house goes, we really only painted it two colors – white and gray, with two bolder accent rooms. We essentially did gray throughout the entire first floor, white in the hallways and bedrooms, and then a deep greenblack in an entrance mudroom and bathroom. I love how fresh and bright it all feels that I’m actually super hesitant and afraid to put anything on the walls, even though there are a few things, but they just look so good! However I’ll get there soon enough because the neutral palette does call for us to build up everything around it.

So I snapped a few pictures of the rooms and angles just to give you all an idea of what we did and what we’re working with. Again, the motivation behind this one is to share the work of Miller’s Painting Service (contact info at the end), and then to give a sneak peak of our paint color base aesthetic. Then once each rooms gets built, I’ll be back with more.

All painting by Miller’s Painting Services

Bryan Miller 




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