out at nada

August 14, 2018

I know I am broken record here but I completely stand by the fact that Nada never disappoints.

Nada was kind enough to have me and a small party (sup Brian and Nicole!) back (again) to enjoy a midweek getaway, where every Wednesday they’re all about vacation vibes with reggae music and fun specialty cocktail and menu items. It didn’t take much convincing or planning for us all to get down there to both relish in our favorites while also trying some fun new ones.

Speaking of favorites, we of course started with the O.G. guacamole and salsa. I think it takes a special kind of crazy to not start a Nada dinner this way.

We then also went for the appetizer sampler special for the night. This included spiced pineapple, a fiesta salad, some chicken wings, and a small ahi tuna poke bowl. Of them all, the poke was by far the best, made awesome by the avocado cream, watermelon bites, and a jalapeño kick. However, I’d give a close second to the spiced pineapple, which had some great heat against its juicy sweetness.

And because we’ve never met a round of appetizers we didn’t like, we ordered the tinga quesadilla and Mexican poutine. We had the quesadilla last time and were hard pressed to pass it up again, as it has a strong Skyline Chili flavor to it, and coming back for more reminded me that it is in fact totally worth it. The poutine was also an indulgently heavy splurge, but it really ended up being worth it as well, particularly given a bite with the yolky runny egg.

And no Nada trip is complete without ordering some tacos, even if you order each and every appetizer (plus some). The group ended up with a classic chicken (not pictured), a Sir Winston’s pot roast, a fried avocado, and a baja fish. Top marks go to the baja fish for being “the epitome of a fresh tasty taco” said my date, Nicole. She also went on to describe the Sir Winston succinctly as “a hearty meal in a shell” so sounds like you can’t go wrong with that balance.

However the star of the night was my shrimp and street corn tamal. I ordered this one time before and I remember being all about it so I knew I needed it again. And much to not my surprise, it was everyone’s favorite. It received a 10/10 rating from us all, so I know it will be what we all go back for here shortly. So wildly good.

In the end, Nada was exactly what we expected it to be. A fun place to go with new friends for great drinks, greater eats, and the greatest all-around easy breezy midweek break vibe. For those reasons, and all the delicious reasons above, Nada will always be a favorite and recommended getaway establishment to frequent.

Thanks for having us Nada…we all appreciate it!


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