tie back jumpsuit

June 11, 2019

I went out looking for nothing in particular and came home with a solid black jumpsuit because I can always use one of those puppies. (Plus it was on sale.)

And even though I wasn’t planning on it, I’ve got some big plans for it now, so I am glad that I snagged it as an in-the-moment no-reason-whatsoever pick up. Those can end up being some of the best.

Madewell jumpsuit (these too would be great to snag right now: first, second, third. I also looked real hard at this one.)

images by Annie Jagoditz



Quickly posting to quickly share that this has quickly become my favorite tee, my favorite look, and my favorite thing to do. It also bears noting that I taught a super cool senior this year that wore nothing but super cool graphic and/or statement…

June 4, 2019

first twice

If you like it nice, buy it twice. A trait I inherited from my mother. So goes the story of this bodysuit. Its white counterpart has already been featured, but I actually got this black one first. And while I snagged it quite a…

May 29, 2019

pretty pony polka dot

Welp. Memorial Day Weekend is officially here, which means the official unofficial kick off of summer is here. And I, like all, am ready to parrrrtay. My summer is already booking up fast, with just one fun event and/or excursion after another, which means…

May 24, 2019

out at the wheel

I finally made it to The Wheel. If unfamiliar, The Wheel is a sandwich, pizza, and pasta takeout joint, located in Oakley, that then does a small number of BYOB, communal dining, pop up dinners. The dinner dates are announced via email at the…

May 22, 2019

this lace top

I had no intentions of being all that obsessed with this top, but then I got it, and quickly learned that I was. In a quick fit of I-need-something-new-and-cute-for-a-night-out, I ordered it. I was craving ruffles and/or lace so basically it was perfect. I…

May 17, 2019