red whale rental style

March 26, 2021

Not only was getting to spend an afternoon in Mount Lookout at both Red Whale Rentals Cottage and Loft spaces a treat, I was also treated to a mini portrait session, which allowed me to jump back into something that I had been desperately out of practice of – and that was posing for some good old fashion blog pics. A year of near-lockdown can put a hurtin’ on this old dog’s blog tricks!

But any excuse to conceptualize for the occasion was excuse enough for me. Going into the day, all I could think about was a neutral color palette, some dainty gold rings accessories, and a comfortable and casual set up. Together, this made for some really lovely portraits, all captured by the talents of Brooke of Red Whale Rentals.

And yet what I liked most about how all this came together was the fact that it was all as natural as it was neutral – both in planning and prepping within the space, as well as in the execution of a look that was simply and without apologies my style. Again (and most importantly) the space itself, much like my personal style, was very much exactly all that – natural and neutral in all the best ways.

So with that all, I have completely accepted the fact that I am nearly and almost entirely neutral when it comes to dressing. I like black and white, and white and black, and every spectrum of beige in between. And yet it is with that streamlined and seemingly narrow-path style that I find the opportunities to adorn and accent just as simply. My jewelry is always minimal, but therein lies the focus and ultimate attention. On top of a monochromatic neutral look can be a dainty initial necklace, a small grouping of bangles. and an additional textured ring, all of which alone will likely garner the attention. And that is usually exactly the point I am going for. Those moves right there tend to be all I need to feel simple and simply put together.

Therefore in the end, this is my style and the above are my style goals, and I think it all came together in these portraits, so thanks Red Whale Rentals!


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