city beat bauer feature

April 19, 2018

I have posted about Bauer before, but recently I wrote a feature about the tete du cochon experience for City Beat. It had been a while since I was on the official food review writing wagon, but having this opportunity sucked me right back in. In the feature, I flexed a little narrative muscle, which reminded me how difficult, yet fulfilling, writing can be. So if you want to know more about my life, our experience, and what the heck tete du cochon is, then definitely check out the article here.


(still) layering

Right before I sat down to draft this post, I looked out the window only to see snow flurries swirling about. It took everything inside of me not to turn around and scream into my pillow. I know I am just one more echoing…

April 17, 2018

tropical florals

I actually last second panic-purchased this floral top knowing I was to have pink backdrop pictures taken. At first glance, I wasn’t all that into it. I thought it was cute, and liked the idea of it being with pink, but that was about…

April 12, 2018

rainbow skirt

Following yesterday’s portrait series with another. I am doing so with the same intention, to serve as an outfit post, and I should probably just go ahead and share that the same will be happening tomorrow. This one is all about the skirt. Unbeknownst…

April 11, 2018

portraits + sale alert

Got a two’fer here. Using some of my Bird and Rose Photography portraits to bring you a top that I have been living in (as seen here and here) because one, it is more awesome than I thought it would be, and for two,…

April 10, 2018

girl power

This post is seriously awesome because while it is a little bit about fashion, it is a lot a bit about badass women. While I should be here to talk about how much I like this outfit, especially for the way the silk pants…

April 4, 2018


If I were a better blogger, I would break this Chicago post down and spread it out for a whole week’s worth of OUT and OUTFIT posts because all we did was eat and shop and eat and see Hamilton and eat and hang…

March 30, 2018