the striped sweater

October 23, 2018

I’ve seen this sweater all over the internet. You’ve seen this sweater all over the internet. We’ve all seen this sweater all over the internet. And while I might be late to the game when it comes to sharing my love of it, know I have zero shame because it is actually that awesome.

And in other non non-news, these jeans. No, there actually are no other jeans in the world right now. And no, you don’t have to only pair fitted tops with wide leg jeans. And no, I have no plans on putting on any other styles in the near future. In fact, I am on a desperate hunt for the same style in black. Stay tuned.

Madewell sweater | Mother Denim | Jeffery Campbell mules | Karen Walker sunnies

images by Annie Jagoditz


mama bear organics

This post was written in partnership with Whole Foods Market, but all opinions are my own. To plagiarize a hashtag a friend of mine often uses (sup Hillary), when it comes to kids and snacks, it is #pouchestillcollege. Seriously though, is there anything more…

October 12, 2018

a trio of favs

I’ve got pretty much all my favorites happening right here. The top is a Madewell x Karen Walker collection blouse, the bottoms are the Mother denim I hope to be buried in, and the photos were taken at Idlewild Woman where I’d like to move in if…

October 10, 2018

bhldn city guide

Last weekend I had an absolute blast pretending to be a bride all over again with BHLDN. It was just such a gorgeous, laughable, and wildly exciting experience that I am still buzzing a bit from it. However beyond the dreamy dressing up, I…

October 5, 2018

brookes & hyde cincinnati

Handcrafted, high quality, and local? In. I have recently been introduced to Brookes & Hyde Cincinnati, a small batch leather goods company aiming to produce high-end American leather products that honor traditional craftsmanship and modern designs. Alongside their many traditional leather products (including belts,…

October 2, 2018

bhldn pop up update

So I have good news and (potentially) bad news. Good news is the BHLDN Pop Up is happening this weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) at 21c. I’ll be down there checking it all out Saturday morning and hope to see some of you there…

September 27, 2018

kent striped cardigan

I am going to avoid the banality of going on and on about #sweaterweather and #falliscoming and #fallishere and #pumpkineverything and just simply say that I am happy and excited to now be able to put things on my arms like all ya’ll. (But…

September 26, 2018