out at taste of cincinnati

    May 26, 2015
    Taste of Cincinnati violin

    Gosh. How great are three day weekends?

    I had the kind of weekend you can only hope for. Did some casual going and hanging out, ate out for a great dinner and brunch, tackled the school to do list, tackled the home to do list, got caught up with all my junky reality series, cleaned house, got organized, slept in, took naps…I mean, nailed it, right?

    And while there were many worthwhile highlights, one of the bests was the spin through Taste of Cincinnati. Clearly the point of the Taste is to try the best of what our local restaurants have to offer. It’s tempting to stop by a booth and get something you know and love (I’m looking at you Bella Luna bread pudding) but Kenny and I decided to only sample new treats. And while we didn’t get too much (we were fresh off of a Sleepy Bee breakfast), all of what we did get was awesome.

    Silver Ladle chiliFirst it was Silver Ladle‘s chicken chili three way. I did not think it would hit the spot like it did, but it was killer, especially with the onions and jalapeños. I rarely crave chili outside a few cool nights in the fall, but this bowl was no joke. I have a feeling it will be peak summer and I will be peak swollen and I’ll turn to Kenny and say, you know what I could really go for…? It was that good.

    Habanero baja fish tacoThen it was what I went in craving, after some good intel from a friend – Habanero‘s baja fish taco. With fried tilapia, cheese, shredded lettuce, cabbage, and mango jalapeño salsa (which was clearly the star), this little number was exactly the kind of taco I could eat every single day. In fact, I think that’s exactly what I told Kenny while he sprinted ahead of me to check out the Stubb’s BBQ sauce booth (something he could eat every day). 

    Chicago Gyro gyroFinally it was a classic gyro from Chicago Gyros and Dogs. My first experience with a gyro was actually in Switzerland a few summers ago, and it was as delicious as all get out. In fact, it was a late night move and while Kenny and I got one to split (just to “try it”), we each ended up getting another to finish off back in our room. We were very serious. And speaking of serious, so was this one. Dripping with tomatos, onions, and taz sauce, this little puppy was de-lish. I now know where to go when the craving arises.

    homemade pizzaFinally, after all of that (do please remember that our day started with breakfast at Sleepy Bee and lunched through the Taste of Cincinnati gauntlet), we dined on homemade grilled pizzas. I wish I could share that there was some left. I wish.

    The first was a jacked up caprese option, with red sauce, basil, buffalo mozzarella, and then pepperoni, banana peppers, and olives. As a merging of two of my recent favorite things, it was as good as you can imagine.

    grilled pizzaThe second was one that I had been advocating for – a fig and prosciutto pie. We found fig jam and got some serious prosciutto, but we forgot the arugula, and I think it would have made the difference. But we added garlic and gouda slices, and it was actually the slice I chose to end with because it was sweet, salty, and smokey, which is what I was hoping for.

    grilled pizzasSo the eatin’ was good this weekend, and this was just Sunday! I hope you had a similar kind of long weekend, made only the better with the indulgence of specialty cocktails and brews on some kind of water…

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